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Leadership Development – Statistics, insight and informed decision making

This one day course is for:

Managers and senior leaders either as individuals or in small groups who want to feel fully confident with management information and statistics, and using data visualisation and interpretation skills to turn data into a resource to support evidence based decision making.

This course will help you to:

Learn the skills involved with summarising data and presenting information. Understand statistical terms such as mean, median, variance, statistically significant differences. Bring science into the way you interpret your data, using statistical modelling and statistical process control charts.

Learn how to differentiate between expected and unwarranted variation. Take the quality of your reports to the next level by learning the techniques the professionals use.

Course objectives:

  • To learn about the management information value chain – how we move from data, to information, to knowledge, and ultimately to evidence based decisions
  • An introduction to data visualisation techniques – how to make an impact presenting your data through charts and graphics
  • To look at what averages don’t tell you, and to look at some alternative ways of summarising large amounts of data that make the variation in the data clearer
  • Helping you to understand statistical distributions and what is 'normal' and 'statistically significant'
  • Insight into how statistical modelling can help you exploit what the data tell you about the past to forecast the future
  • Identifying with confidence whether your data includes unwarranted variation


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